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Owner/Landlord Info


What can we do for you?

Single Family Homes

Condominiums/Town homes

Mobile homes

Commercial Properties

    Marketing Your Rental Property

    Advise on repairs or updates to maximize rental value

    Standard Photos included

    Coordinate and schedule our preferred Real Estate Photographer (additional charges may apply).

    “For Rent” sign installed on property or placed in window for condominiums.

    Property advertised on the most popular Rental Websites including but not limited to,,,,,,,,,,,, and many more.

    Schedule private showings for tenants conducted by only licensed Real Estate Agents

    Management Fee

    Our simple structure is as follows:
    8% of monthly rent received
    $495 flat rate for move-ins
    Multiple property discounts are available, please call for a more comprehensive quote.

    Property Preservation and Maintenance

    With over 25 years in the property management business, we have access to repair service companies that may be needed from time-to-time. We try hard to keep the owner’s costs for repair low and yet maintain a safe and comfortable property for the tenants to reside. We do not add a “profit margin” to any invoices. You only pay for the service you receive.

    Application Process and Tenant Evaluation

    Extreme care is given to each and every tenant placed in one of our managed properties.
    Rental applications are examined and references are thoroughly checked.
    Credit reports are run on each tenant over the age of 18.
    Although we believe in our proven screening process, the owner may, if requested, make the final decision on any applicant.
    Tenant pays the cost of credit report and screening process.

    Move-In Walk Through

    A thorough 5-page walk-through is completed with tenants within 14 days after move-in.
    The form is the standard document provided by the California Association of Realtors.
    Upon request, owner receives a copy of all walk-through documents and leases.

    Security Deposit

    A tenant security deposit is collected on each property.
    Deposits vary based on credit, pets, rental history, etc.
    Typical deposit is a little higher than one month’s rent.
    All rents and deposits are collected in certified funds at move-in.
    Golden Pacific Real Estate holds all security deposits in client’s trust account.

    Rent Due Date & Collection Procedure

    Rents are always due on the first of each month.
    Tenants are allowed a 5-day grace period before a late fee is charged(MGMT company retains).
    Late fees vary depending on the amount of rent(typically $50 – $150).
    3-day notices to pay rent or quit are served within 8 to 12 days if rent is past due.
    Returned checks are charged $25 per occurrence(MGMT company retains).
    Unlawful Detainer actions commence after 3-day notices are served, at owner’s expense.

    Monthly Reporting

    Owners are provided monthly electronic accounting statements itemizing all account activity.
    Two Statements are provided: Owner Statement(Transactions, balance) and 12 Month Cash Flow(Year to Date Profit & Loss).
    We will pay, through owner’s account, HOA, property taxes, etc. at no additional cost.
    Owner receives a direct deposit on or before the 10th* of each month after expenses are deducted.
    Statements are sent electronically between the 10th-12th of each month.
    Paper Checks and Statements are available upon request at an additional cost.
    *(Holidays and non-business days may effect deposit dates)

    Property Repairs and Maintenance

    We are authorized, per the management agreement, to make repairs up to $300.
    Repairs above $300 must be pre-approved by owner (unless an emergency occurs).

    Landlord/Tenant Laws

    Our lease form is approved by the California Association of Realtors and is backed by the CAR legal department.
    All local laws “Fair Housing” and “Discrimination Laws” are followed and adhered to.
    Rules/Regulations are provided to tenants and monitored by Golden Pacific Real Estate.

    Market Comparables

    We constantly monitor market conditions.
    Call anytime for a free market analysis for your property.
    Rents fluctuate with economic conditions.
    We are always trying to maintain fair rents to maintain highest possible occupancy, yet return the highest possible yield to each owner.

    Professional Management Team

    With over 25 years of experience, our team works hard for your investments.
    We currently manage over 120 properties throughout the county.
    Being centrally located in the heart of North San Diego County, allows us to effectively monitor all properties under management.